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Vehicle Modifications

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Vehicle Modifications

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Wanting to Perform Vehicle Modification
With our tuning script, you can accomplish all of the following:
- Tune your vehicle to a much higher performance
- Tune your car to a better drifter
- Tune your car to escape the police
- Tune your car to be a lil bit faster

BUT there are some downsides to a tune
- You must get oil changes
- Your car will degrade over time depending on how often you drive between check ups and oil changes and how hard you hit the RPMs
- Parts will break realistically which will require you to have to get your vehicle repaired
- Running at full RPM's all the time will degrade your vehicle MUCH MUCH faster so keep an eye on that check engine light.
- You must get your parts repaired at a shop who offers Tuning packages.

Tune shops are available at:
- Rising Sun Autos
- Redline Performance
- ECU Tuning
- Luxury Autos (but with limited abilities)

Make sure you have deep pockets because a tuning package will not be cheap.

For more information, see a shop listed above to inquire about costs and performance upgrades available for your vehicle

Keep in mind that there are LEGAL and ILLEGAL modifications. Keep that in mind when you are getting vehicles modified.

Legal and Illegal vehicle modifications:

-Only the STREET turbo is legal on public roads anything more is for racing only.
-Nitros is illegal to use on streets. It can to installed but not used.
-Drift tires and Drag tires are illegal on the streets. Racing only.

Any vehicle found to have/use these items on public roads will be at risk of having the vehicle IMPOUNDED and "crushed"

-Underglow is legal to use on the streets as long as it is not RED, WHite, or BLUE. Any color is allowed ONLY during car shows or on private property
-Colored headlights are illegal on public roads. The only headlight colors allowed are WHITE or YELLOW. Any color is allowed at car shows or on public property.

Any vehicle found to be in violation of these laws are at risk of having the vehicle DEPOTED if changes are not made immediately
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