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Alias Social Rules and Regulations

Find all community rules here. It is updated as frequently as needed.
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Alias Social Rules and Regulations

Post by Stormie »

Alias Social Rules and Regulations

"Your rules are so good, we're gonna steal them. LOL." - Bxoga - June 2023


1) Don't Be A Dumbass

While this rule is broad, it covers essential behavior and interactions on our server. It encapsulates our core principle: treating each other with respect and consideration. In a world where common sense isn't always common, let's make it a shared virtue.

2) Admin Discretion and The Intent of the Rules

Rule #2 explains how our admin team enforces rules. Admins have the authority to address behavior that negatively impacts others' experience or disrupts our roleplaying environment, even if not explicitly covered in the rules. The spirit of the rule matters more than exploiting loopholes.

3) Common Courtesy

Out of character, be respectful and considerate. Embrace a diverse community and avoid discrimination. Obey administrators' decisions, even if you disagree. If you disagree, seek review by Staff Management rather than creating disruptions.

4) Powergaming

Actions must remain realistic, both in roleplay (/me actions) and actions forced upon others. Don't enforce unrealistic actions on others. Roleplay should promote balanced interactions, avoiding Play to Win attitudes.

5) Fail Roleplay, Cop Baiting, VDM/RDM, Torque/Engine Boosting

Avoid fail roleplay that disrupts realism. Do not bait police chases without reasonable grounds. Use of client-side menus for Torque/Engine Boosting is not allowed. Fail roleplay, or FRP, is when a person fails to roleplay properly, whether that be through going down an unrealistic route in history or intentionally disrupting the roleplay by trolling. There will be absolutely NO VDM/RDM (more DM info found in section 7) or Engine/Torque booting via menu/menyoo use.

6) Metagaming

In-character (IC) information must not be shared using out-of-character (OOC) means and vice versa. Only platforms approved by Alias Social admins are considered IC. Returning to a scene after death without proper waiting is metagaming.

7) Deathmatching

Killing others requires valid reasons. Avoid provoking or aggressive actions leading to death. Running over others is permissible only if life is at risk or responding to harm/property loss. Roleplay should guide actions.

8) Character Customization

Realistic character appearance is essential. Admins may ask for changes if unsuitable. Roleplay must match character names. Face obstruction is allowed when necessary, but don't misuse.

9) Third Party Modifications And Software

Exploitative game modifications are forbidden. Some uses of Menyoo are allowed. Use your best judgment and respect other rules when using such tools.

10) Bug Abuse

Report bugs immediately; exploiting unintended features is prohibited. Using bugs to gain unfair advantage or duplicate assets is against the rules.

11) Offensive Roleplay

Balancing freedom and comfort, offensive roleplay must be consensual, private, and handled with care. Some roleplay types are not allowed at all to ensure a respectful environment. Rape, Cannibalism, Bestiality and Necrophilia are not permitted by any means.

12) Real World Trading / OOC Asset Transfers

Trading real-world value for in-game items is forbidden. Assisting in such trading results in punishment.

13) Sexual Roleplay Rules

Consensual and respectful sexual roleplay is allowed with specific conditions. No sexual roleplay involving minors. Offensive content should be kept private and away from unwilling players.

14) Returning to RP after Injuries/Death

Returning to roleplay after death requires waiting for situations to conclude. Realism must guide recovery from injuries.

15) Fantasy Roleplay and Dealing With It

Fantasy roleplay is allowed, but players can opt out if they find it incompatible with their immersion.

16) Failure to Fill Out Applications or Forms Completely

Completing applications thoroughly is vital. Incomplete applications may be denied or delayed.

17) Keeping In-Game Drama/Beef In-Game

In-game issues must stay in-game. Abusing OOC means for in-game conflicts is prohibited.

18) Law Enforcement Rules/Standard Operating Procedures

Law enforcement requires familiarity with the community rules and guidelines as well as Alias Social Law Enforcement SOP.


Regulation A: Weapons License

Everyone must apply for a weapons license. Carrying weapons without a valid license results in punishment. Admins can deny licenses for valid reasons.

Regulation B: Business, Business Licenses and Business Ownership

Owning a business requires commitment and understanding of server mechanics. Businesses must be operational or risk forfeiture.

Regulation C: Vehicle Plate Changes

Changing plates via client-side menus is not allowed and is considered theft.

Regulation D: Inventory

Items lost, sold, or stolen are irreplaceable. Compensation may be considered for game bugs.

Regulation E: Distribution and/or Selling of Materials

Unauthorized distribution of community documents or inappropriate materials is prohibited.

Regulation F: Joining a Whitelisted Department

Certain requirements apply for joining law enforcement or fire/EMS.

Regulation G: Corruption in Law Enforcement

No corruption or crime allowed while on or off duty as law enforcement. Any form of corruption is strictly forbidden.

Regulation H: Red Traffic Lights

Obey traffic signals, stopping if required. No need to wait if no traffic is present.

Regulation I: Use of Scene Command

Use /scene responsibly, only for persistent effects and scenes. Misuse leads to administrative action. Delete scenes after use.


Failure to follow rules or regulations leads to progressive punishments, including warnings, kicks, temporary bans, and membership termination.

This document outlines the rules and regulations for Alias Social server. Following these guidelines promotes a respectful, immersive, and enjoyable roleplaying experience for all members.
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Re: Alias Social Rules and Regulations

Post by Stormie »

Newly added or modified rules and regulations will follow below; effective immediately as of 08/31/23

Addition to Rule 3) Common Courtesy
  • Any type of racial slurs, derogatory statements, or homophobic terms towards others will NOT be tolerated. (These may not be used regardless of your race/religion or sexual orientation)
  • Do not DM staff about server issues, suggestions, etc. These can be done in a support ticket or via applicable suggestion channels

Addition to Rule 4) Powergaming
  • Not Roleplaying your injuries. Running/Fighting after being healed. Reengaging in a scenario after being healed. Entering a firefight after being healed.
  • All weapons that are large (two handed weapons) Must be unracked from a car or pulled from your back. Once you are carrying a larger weapon, it must be displayed on your back. IE: AR's, Shotguns and Larger SMG's. Smaller weapons like a pistol or a micro SMG as well as the sawn off shotguns can be concealed underneath clothing.

Rule Restructure of #10) Not Valuing Life (NVL)
  • Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm from other means.
  • Antagonizing gangs/police or armed individuals for no character reason.
  • Jumping off a three-story building and running away.

Rule Restructure of #16) Breaking Character & Low Effort Roleplay
  • Always stay in character. In the event there’s an issue, completely role-play out the scenario and player report if needed. Do not break character / inform the player they are breaking a rule in-game.
  • Approaching staff in-game to deal with issues will not be tolerated.
  • Do not do actions in game in order to bait others into breaking roleplay

Low Effort Roleplay
  • You are expected to put effort into your role-play.
  • Always shooting, running from police in situations where it isn’t called for may be considered low-effort RP. For example: Running from a traffic stop where you would only be getting a speeding ticket.

Regulation Restructure of Regulation I - Pregnancy RP
  • Players must have consent of another player before starting pregnancy RP (if the guardian is another player).
  • Players cannot abort/lose the baby once roleplay has been decided to commence.
  • Do not expect that FIRE/EMS will be fully equipped to help you with your pregnancy RP.
  • Players that are pregnant cannot involve themselves in violence and must value their life and the child otherwise this will be considered not valuing life and disciplinary actions will be taken.
  • Miscarriages are not allowed. If you decide to take up the role of having a child, you need to go all the way to term and utilize a reasonable amount of time. HOWEVER if by chance you (and RP Partner) decide you are no longer interested in the RP, you can RETCON the situation and go back as if it never happened.
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