About Alias Social

We are a Grand Theft Auto V Role Play Community created by Roleplayers for Roleplayers.

Member Owned Businesses

From Luxury Dealerships to Restaurants and Mechanic shops, start your story with something unique. Our member-owned businesses are owned, ran and managed by you.

Member Owned Homes

All members can own a home of their choosing. From basic home interiors to completely custom interiors, decorate your home how you choose. From Big Screen TV’s to working Pool Tables, built it how you want.

Police, Fire and EMS Roleplay

Our Emergency Services team strives to be as close to real life as possible. Employing Real Life Fire, EMS and Search and Rescue members, feel the difference here at Alias Social.

Server Showcase

“The team here welcomes everyone with open arms and treats everyone equal! And it never stops improving and growing! I have yet to find a server that I actually enjoy playing as much as I enjoy this one. This is the one I choose to call home! Cant recommend this server enough!”
– PinheadLarry

“So I have been here since 1.0. In my time here I’ve been met with hospitality and kindness. I was very new to the RP back in Sept of 22’. and they took me in and showed me the ropes. Very relaxed.”
– DrRudolphPhD

“I stole all of their documents.”
Some dude that was banned for not RolePlaying.